Our Projects

"We create Software Interactive How-to-Guides to make it easier for the customer to interact with the latest software applications. We also develop IT DevOps RunBooks for technicians and operators to conduct routine maintenance and basic troubleshooting on computers and servers. Occasionally we will publish blogs that benefit today's workforce.

Interactive How-to-Guides with Pendo

This past year Neithdos Consulting created and published over 60 in-app software help guides for the Imagine Learning Edgenuity Courseware software program using Pendo.io application. These guides are used by administrators and educators to create and manage multiple educational tasks and functions. To date there has been over 75,000 views. 

DevOps Runbook with Confluence

Neithdos Consulting worked with EML Payments to create a DevOps Runbook. The runbook will help facilitate routine maintenance on the IT system.

Sample Runbook.png

Our Blogs and other writings


We just published our newest blog on the MadCap Flare website, "What is Multimodal Learning? " Please take a look and let us know what you think. 

Click here to view "How to Create Content for Employee Engagement" blog that was published on the MadCap Flare website in April 2022. The blog was also published on the Association for Talent Development website in late May 2022.  

To view "How to Create a Learning Journey that Improves Employee Performance" blog on the MadCap Flare website click here.

Check out our academic writing "Changes Executives Need to Promote more Women to Executive Positions."